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Sjögren syndrome Study - Summary of controlled clinical trials - A significant increase in paraffin-stimulated saliva secretion was found in both groups. There were no statistically significant differences in unstimulated salivary secretion between groups. The study showed that acupuncture is of limited value for patients with primary Sjögren syndrome.

Acupuncture is thought of as an ancient Chinese practice and rightly so. Laser acupuncture, however, shows the old and new can mesh.

Weight Loss Acupuncture, substance and Dr Medicobot. When pain develops as a result, something is amiss. Despite this, common sense and the holistic approach of acupuncture would dictate that restricting the use or modifying it would be part of the overall treatment plan.

The exophthalmos extents were 20.27 mm before and 18.11 mm after treatment with acupuncture plus acupressure and were 20.34 mm before and 19.47 mm after medication (both p<0.01). The improvement was significantly greater with acupuncture plus acupressure than with medication (p<0.01).

They can be due to food allergies, stress, hormonal imbalances, emotional issues, dehydration, trauma, genetic factors, heavy metal poisoning, or intestinal toxicity.

Using the principles of traditional acupuncture, electromagnetic wave impulses are delivered through the wand of a handheld electronic acupuncture device. You would simply touch the wand on specific acupoints along the left hand or palm that correspond to your trouble areas.

It is most likely that each of those patients had a unique set of conditions that was causing the neck pain, and each would have received a different treatment. There are no set of acupuncture points for neck pain that would be right for every case.

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